The Amagiri Shinmeiryuu (天霧辰明流) is the official Amagiri family style of fighting.


The Amagiri Shinmeiryuu is the type of martial arts that Amagiri Ayato uses. It is an ancient art that has been around for five hundred years, but has recently been edged out by newer styles like the Toudouryuu in terms of popularity. However, it has adopted Toudouryuu-like techniques as its own.

The Amagiri Shinmeiyuu was created in a time when heavy armor was used when fighting, which greatly restricted movement. The basis of this fighting style rests upon shifting one's posture, and therefore, center of gravity when using moves.

As a style created for use in war instead of duels, the Amaigiri Shinmeiryuu, although famous for its sword techniques, is a comprehensive art that incorporates a wide range of weapons in its courses, among them being spears, double short swords, as well as hand-to-hand techniques. Designed for fighting many opponents instead of one to one duels, many of its techniques incorporate slower, yet wide, sweeping arcs.

To use Deep Level techniques, one must expand their perception to the limit. According to Haruka, this is known as Shiki (識) and includes not only the information about the opponent's movements but also information about the area around them.




Beginning LevelEdit

  • Futatsumizuchi (貳蛟龍): the user slashes twice to create a cross shaped slice.
  • Shikibachi (肆祁蜂): the user moves around their target at lightning speed, then thrusts forward multiple times while their arm is stretched out and wrist is twisted.
  • Fugaku (腑牙躯): the user curls their body and adds their weight onto a downward slash.
  • Hitouran (緋刀乱)

Medium LevelEdit

  • Tobiazami (十毘薊): the user holds their sword in their right hand, twists their body, then swings in a wide arc. The user then repeats in the other direction by switching the sword to their other hand.
  • Kugatachi (九牙太刀): the user generates five thrusts and four different kinds of slashes.
  • Yatagarasu (矢汰鳥): the user takes a deep breath and focuses their concentration. The user imagines a small circle with themselves at the center which they cover with their concentration, making the area perfectly defended.
  • Kurikara (刳裡殻): the user cuts their opponent in passing, then twists their wrist, stabbing the opponent to the ground as if to sew them to the ground.
  • Soekibachi (貳鬼蜂): the user thrusts forward to entice the opponent to attack, then withdraws their sword, using the blade to knock the opponent's weapon up. The user attacks again while the opponent is caught off guard.
  • Rikutobachi (陸屠蜂): the user holds their sword level next to their mouth and thrusts at their opponent six times.
  • Yamonjin (夜紋塵): the user grasps their weapon with both hands, then runs while twisting their whole body, cutting down their opponent in one strike.
  • Chibashiri (千嘴離): the user swings their weapon at full strength as they draw it, using the momentum to twist their body and connect to their next strike.
  • Futatsumizuchi: Kaeshi (貳蛟龍・反)
  • Itsurase (逸螺瀬)
  • Shichikura (志知鞍)

Deep LevelEdit

  • Gyakurasetsu (逆羅刹): the user controls the flow of power from several opponents to make them kill each other. This technique was originally known as Sakarasetsu until volume 7.
  • Shurazuki (修羅月): the user moves in on their opponent and slashes at them in a half moon arc.
  • Higabachi (罷牙蜂): the user thrusts their weapon forward, at the same time stepping forward while twisting their body, making it an advanced version of Shikibachi.

Two SwordsEdit

Beginning LevelEdit

  • Futatsuimojiri (貳蟷螂): the user holds their swords in reverse and stabs them down at their opponent's shoulders like scythes.

Medium LevelEdit

  • Narakumo (奈落蜘蛛): the user moves in on their opponent, then slashes right diagonally, horizontally to the right, twists their body and thrusts with their right, slashes left diagonally, horizontally to the left, twists their body and thrusts with their left, then thrusts with their right again for a total of seven strikes on the same spot.


  • Mikumobachi (壬雲蜂): the user thrusts forward three times at high speed, making it seem like all three attacks come at the same time. It has enough force to blow away smoke.

Short SwordEdit

  • Shichinagi (士茅薙): the user holds a short sword in reverse, parries their opponent's attack, then uses the momentum to spin around and swing the short sword down at their opponent.

Hand to HandEdit

  • Kuruwabarai (刳環祓): the user grabs the back of their opponent's collar, lifts them, flips them in midair, then slams them down onto the ground while the user pounds their elbow into the opponent's chest. The force of the attack makes the opponent unable to breathe.
  • Hitsubauchi (櫃羽穿): the user kicks upward with tremendous force while twisting their right foot.
  • Fuwaguruma (不破轟): the user twists their body as they jump, then kicks the opponent's face three times.
  • Mushikuzushi (武姿崩): the user slides over to their opponent's chest, punches their weapon up to knock them off balance, then delivers a roundhouse kick to the opponent's pivot foot at full force.
  • Mikazuchi (壬雷): the user punches the opponent's jaw with their right fist, elbows them in the chest at the same time, then punches their solar plexus with their left fist three times.
    • Mikazuchi (壬卦槌): Ayato's modified version, he uses a special Mikazuchi by adding the offensive power of his prana onto it. The force from the strike can make the air tremble and create a small crater on the ground behind his opponent.
  • Fusekazura (臥蔓): the user grasps the opponent's arm, then falls toward them while kicking their legs out. This technique is the origin of the Amagiri Shinmeiryuu Hand to Hand technique.
  • Kugatsuchi (九牙鎚): the user breaks the opponent's arms, crushes their legs, then punches the opponent's liver, heart, spleen, lungs, and kidneys, with the last strike an elbow to the opponent to send them flying, for a total of nine strikes.

Hand to Hand SwordEdit

  • Totsukami (砥柄壬): the user moves in on their opponent, slashes right diagonally, then turns their weapon around to land a hit to their opponent's stomach with the pommel.
  • Totsukami: Kasane (砥柄壬・連): the user holds their sword in reverse, then slams the pommel into the sides of their opponent's body.


Shiki (識): the user expands their perception to the limit and gathers information on their opponents and surroundings using various sources such as movements, prana flow, sounds, and air flow. By using this, the user is able to sense invisible things and predict where attacks will land.


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