The Festa (星武祭) are three different battle tournaments held by the Integrated Enterprise Foundation, comprised of the Phoenix (鳳凰星武祭), Gryps (獅鷲星武祭), and Lindwurm (王竜星武祭).


The Festa take three years for one set as each Festa is held once a every three years. The Phoenix is held in the summer of the first year, the Gryps is held in the autumn of the second year, and the Lindvolus is held in the winter of the third year. The school festival is held every year in the spring. Commentators for each Festa are decided by results left as a contestant. However, any former contestants currently working at any of the schools in Asterisk are excluded.

Matches are decided either by breaking the opponent's school emblem or making them unconscious. As it is entertainment, obvious brutality and attacks with the intent to kill are forbidden and are punishable. Festa are also extremely popular, shown across the world, making it one of the largest sources of revenue. Since the Integrated Enterprise Foundation hosts the Festa, they are operated in favor of the consumer majority. The winner or winners of a Festa gain the right to have one of their wishes granted by the Integrated Enterprise Foundation. An barrier is set in place to protect the audience which is later upgraded by students from Arlequint Academy from the Gryps onwards.

The Festa use the main Sirius Dome along with the three large domes and the seven medium domes. Any student that manages to win all three tournaments within their time at Asterisk achieves what's known as a Grand Slam, and currently only the second Banyuu Tenra has managed to accomplish this.


The Phoenix (鳳凰星武祭) is the Festa held in the summer of the first year. Contestants enter as pairs. The Phoenix lasts for around two weeks with the first half being the preliminary matches. When the last 32 pairs are left, a new tournament table is made.

The 25th Phoenix that Ayato and Julis entered was comprised of 256 pairs for a total of 512 participants.

Phoenix WinnersEdit


The Gryps (獅鷲星武祭) is the Festa held in the autumn of the second year. Contestants enter as teams of five. Unlike the other Festa, a team can win if the opposing team's leader is defeated.

The 24th Gryps that Team Enfield entered was comprised of 256 teams for a total of 1280 participants.

Gryps WinnersEdit


The Lindwurm (王竜星武祭) is the Festa held in the winter of the third year. Contestants enter as individuals.

Lindwurm WinnersEdit

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