Sasamiya Saya Anime
Sasamiya Saya
 Japanese 沙々宮 紗夜
• Characteristics•
 Gender Female
 Hair Color Blue
 Eye Color Red
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Seidoukan Academy
 Occupation Student
 Weapon Helnekrom
Ark Vans Der
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
 Genestellar Yes
 Relative(s) Sasamiya Souichi (father)
Sasamiya Kaya (mother)
• Debuts•
 Light Novel Asterisk Volume 1
 Manga Asterisk Chapter 7
 Anime Episode 2
• Portrayal•
 Japanese Voice Izawa Shiori
 English Voice Sarah Williams

Sasamiya Saya (沙々宮 紗夜) is Amagiri Ayato's childhood friend and a student of Seidoukan Academy.


Saya is described as a girl with short stature, comparable to an elementary school student. She has light blue shoulder-length hair, with choppy bangs, an ahoge, and two short braids secured with a yellow and black hairpiece. She wears the Seidoukan Academy jacket (but with a sailor collar on the back instead), a collared white shirt and black tie, and a black dress similar to Julis', but with additional white lines. On her left thigh, she has a gun holster, and wears orange and black socks that come slightly above her knees. She also wears clunky black and white low-heeled boots that have a blue stripe on the soles and black "collars".

During the time before the Lindwurm, Saya began to grow out her hair after receiving advice from a junior in the Meteor Engineering Club. She also replaced her socks with red knee high ones and switched to black shoes.


Saya is a drowsy-seeming girl, but is much more sharp and intelligent than she initially appears. She has a terrible sense of direction though.


Saya is Ayato's childhood friend, though they lost contact when Saya's family moved to Munich, Germany.

Saya's father is a meteoric engineering researcher, who designs and builds Luxes (mostly gun-type weapons) for Saya to use in battle (and for advertisement).


Sasamiya Lux

  • Type 38 Lux Grenade Launcher Helneklaum (三十八式煌型擲弾銃 ヘルネクラウム): Helneklaum's destructive capabilities were noted to be stronger than Amaryllis by Julis.
    • Burst (バースト): Saya's Meteor Arts that was powerful enough to completely destroy a fountain.
  • Type 39 Lux Laser Cannon Wolfdora (三十九式煌型光線砲 ウォルフドーラ): Wolfdora is over two meters long. Several windows appear around it before using its Meteor Arts. It is powered by forcibly linking three Manadite cores together, with the end result being that it has many limitations on usage.
    • Sweep (掃射): Wolfdora's Meteor Arts, a pillar of light is fired that is capable of opening a huge hole in the reinforced walls of the training arena.
  • Type 34 Heavy Wave Cannon Ark Van Ders Modified (三十四式波動重砲 アークヴァンデルス改): Ark Van Ders Modified is much taller than Saya. In addition to ranged combat, she can use it as a melee weapon.
    • Burst (バースト): Saya's Meteor Arts that is capable of blasting the opponent across the arena.
  • Type 41 Lux Twin Blaster Waldenholt (四十一式煌型粒子双砲 ヴァルデンホルト): A gun barrel covers each of her arms and her hair accessory turns into an alignment monitor. The Waldenholt fires two huge bullets of light that travel at a speed that seems to rip the atmosphere, and fast enough to make RM-C barely be able to dodge one of the bullets. The force of the blast sent RM-C into the wall on the other side of the arena and could've sent her through the wall if there wasn't a Defense Barrier around the arena.
    • Full Burst (フルバースト): Saya's Meteor Arts with the Waldenholt that is capable of overpowering RM-C's Ruinshalef even if both are at maximum power.
  • Type 41 Lux Homing Blaster Waldenholt Modified (四十一式煌型誘導曲射粒子砲 ヴァルデンホルト改): The overall design is similar to the Waldenholt except that it has a vernier control on the back unit and the barrels are increased to a total of six.
    • Full Burst (フルバースト): Saya's Meteor Arts with the Waldenholt Modified.
  • Handgun Lux: Saya owns a normal Handgun Lux.

Amagiri Shinmeiryuu (天霧辰明流): Saya learned a few techniques from Ayato when they were children to use during their practice matches.


Beginning LevelEdit

  • Futatsumizuchi (貳蛟龍): Saya slashes twice to create a cross shaped slice.

Genestellar (星脈世代): As a Genestellar, Saya has enhanced physical ability and an aura known as prana.


Amagiri AyatoEdit

Saya's childhood friend. Before her family moved, the two frequently sparred with each other or against Amagiri Haruka, Ayato's older sister.


  • According to the author, Saya's birthday is February 10th, her horoscope if Aquarius, and her blood type is B.
  • Saya has a terrible sense of direction and is not a morning person.


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